41st Annual Reader’s Faire

Alexandria Ellison, Elena Peacock and Thomas Funnell with their book Showtime at the Flower Field Circus.

Ventura High School

All photos courtesy Ventura Unified School District

Ventura High School’s Reader’s Faire is a long-standing tradition organized annually by students in the 10th grade Honors English classes. VHS students write, illustrate and publish original children’s books, which they then share with elementary school students who attend an interactive celebration featuring storytelling, demonstrations, whimsically decorated stations and more. For more than four decades, this cherished event has captivated young minds and fostered a love of reading.

On Thursday, June 1, organizers of the 41st Annual Reader’s Faire welcomed more than 1,000 K-2 students, from both public and private institutions, for an afternoon of imagination, wonder and fun centered around the theme of “Through Time and Beyond.” The stories presented during the event featured characters who learn valuable life lessons and undergo personal growth as they progress on their adventures. 

“Reader’s Faire creates leadership and community involvement opportunities while promoting creativity and growth within the writing skills of our Ventura High School participants,” said Ms. Mary Dietz, VHS English Teacher. “For our young guests, the event sparks creativity, empowerment, and an enduring excitement for reading and writing.”

Keegan Graves, Daniel Rundle and Bowen Kightlinger.
Sam’s Cosmic Adventure presented by the smiling trio of Haya Zaher, Breanna White and Mirella Toledano.
Victoria Hawk and Juliet Lazowski.
Ava Renshaw, Katie Smiley and Phoebe Ayres are starry-eyed for Sheldon’s First Wish.
Ventura High School FIRST Robotics Team 3925, Circuit of Life, showcases the skills of a recently built machine.
Students riveted by Juliet Lazowski’s storytelling.