Snap Into It

By Matt Katz

My days begin with a massacre, a coffee-fueled butchery, as irrelevant emails are slaughtered straight away. One by one or in great highlighted clusters (so satisfying), the misdirected press releases and moldy spam are banished from my inbox to the cyber netherworld. Infinite credit, cure-alls, a couple more inches—it all gets blasted.

The next morning they’re all back, of course. Like a bad rash or the Kardashians. Or a bad rash on a Kardashian. And the cycle of junk mail genocide repeats.

Because of this habitual bleary-eyed blitzkrieg of the morning, our cover story almost didn’t happen.

Strike one: Glendale PR firm. Strike two: Palm Desert HQ. This has nothing to do with xenophobia; I happen to like both of those places. But with the exception of travel articles, editorial content in Ventana requires a local tie-in, and I didn’t see that in press releases from the high fashion shoe and handbag company Icon (page 35).

Obviously there was no strike three. Instead, there was a phone call—a straight pitch right over home plate—and a familiar name: Mary Trudeau, an Ojai resident who, it turns out, founded and runs the company.

And suddenly Icon was germane to our editorial focus. Which came as welcome news, since the combination of art, style, and local entrepreneurship was a spot-on fit for this particular issue.

This morning, a few days before press time, I read about a Northern California couple who found millions of dollars worth of gold coins on their property. Literal buried treasure. Fantasy stuff. A rare occurrence, yes, but I’m sure there’s plenty more treasure out there. Not necessarily in the form of sparkly doubloons, mind you, but rather in the guise of overlooked opportunities: missed sunsets and rainbows, irretrievable moments in time.

We’ve become so addled by the neurotic culture of text, tweet, friend, like, link, click… delete—I tend to think we walk past Xs marking the spot every day. So, I’m glad someone from Icon’s marketing department actually took the time to call, to snap me out of autopilot and into the here and now.

If you have a story idea you can objectively envision on the pages of Ventana, please, drop me an email. And if I don’t reply, pick up the phone.


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