Head Gear:

Hats for every occasion

Available at Harbor Hatter, 1567 Spinnaker Dr. Ste. 101, Ventura. 805.650.3580

1. Best for urban rainstorm

Goorin, $36

Goorin calls itself a company of “bold hatmakers,” and from the range of style we found, we couldn’t agree more. This leather-belted beauty inspires thoughts of Mia Farrow and big city elegance, with a touch of the flapper thrown in for good measure.

2. Best all-weather, all-personality

Scala Collezione, $22

The six-way hat, as it is called, comes in purple or cream wool and offers options of floppy chic, upturned sailor, salute to tri-corner, or asymmetric brim. Hats were meant to be played with, and this beauty is a smart option for dress-up.

3. Best in transitional wear

Cov-Ver, $27

We realize that with the California casual style, hats are hardly indispensable, and some of us natives may never touch a felt cap or fedora. Which is why we love Cov-ver’s burgundy cap. A little bit Gilligan, a little bit mod, and made from lightweight canvas, we find it the best style for making that subtle transition from summer to fall and back again.

4. Best nod to classic style

Cov-ver, $36

We love the gumshoe-style wool felt hat, perfect for tiptoeing into the rainy season or adding an edge of old-school, film noir style to your repertoire. It’s Bogart-esque, yet thoroughly modern.

5. Best in casual wear

Headers California, $23

They may say print media is dying, or at least making the change to online-only, but the newsboy cap will never go out of style. This wool and polyester blend brings to mind historical headlines shouted from street corners, but it’s also an optimal choice for head covering on a cool, crisp autumn day… or when your threads call for a little something extra.

6. Best piece of timelessness

Groovin, $32

We do love a good fedora, the way it alludes to everything from hot Havana nights to the height of elegance in modern men’s wear to classic Coppola flicks. Groovin’s take on the fashion staple is best described as “whimsical.” From dependable solids to subtle prints to flamboyant plaids, we’re glad to see the gregarious hatter bringing the fedora back.


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