Taking it to the Street

Color and creativity bloom during the Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival.

Photo by T Christian Gapen

POP CULTURE: Disney, Hello Kitty and other icons of entertainment made a splash at the 2017 festival. Here, artists Tony and Meg Canilang of San Diego give Finding Nemo a (temporary) home at Ventura Harbor.


ozens of artists took to the streets of Ventura Harbor Village Sept. 9-10, armed with their pastels, umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats and knee pads. Their mission: to transform the sidewalks into a walkable canvas as part of the Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival. Working from early Saturday morning until late Sunday afternoon, these creative spirits braved bright sun, soaring temperatures and chalk dust in a rainbow of colors to lay down trompe l’oeil scenes, pop culture icons, playful pictures, mermaids, sci-fi fantasies and more. Vivid hues and imaginative designs made for an artfully festive weekend.

Selena Phanara of Twentynine Palms is all smiles with her fanciful winged leopard nearing completion.

Lysa Ashley of Upland practices the fine art of shading on her classic pinup originally by Edward D’Ancona.

A leopard leaps up from the sidewalk in Tracy Lee Stum’s 3D masterpiece.

Marcella Swett of Pomona takes a painterly approach, brushing a mix of chalk and water onto her mural.


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