Seduced by the Sea

By Maureen Foley

Ventana Editor Maureen Foley overlooking the sea. Photo by Tessa van der Werrff


t night, alone is an ocean. I look out across the vast Pacific and feel the dense pressure of my solitude in the water as I drive along the sparkling lip of the 101 freeway, headed north. Waiting at home is my love, my gorgeous man. The sea’s white froth curls over and I hunger for his touch. In that moment, the isolation of darkness falls away.

But my passions take many forms besides that of my lover. I am also enamored of my green parrot who wakes me every morning with his shrieks to the flock. I feel deep yearning for the oil paints that call to me from my studio when I’m away. I long for the salsa music that I heard a live band play in Boulder while I danced to ward off the chill February night. Finally, I love the careful slice of water, sky, rooftops and palm trees that I see out the window of my office, encapsulating Ventura County in a single glance.

What are your passions? For this issue of Ventana, we explore love in its infinite form through a local lens. Stacey Wiebe focuses on people who love animals in her article on the Humane Society of Ventura, “Howling by Heart.” Molly Freedenberg’s “Some Like it Hot” examines love by profiling three couples whose relationships have been shaped by the local salsa dance scene. Saundra Sorenson describes how Lynne Siodmak’s love for her home (and the environment) helped her to stay grounded as she struggled through the renovation in “In Love with the Valentine House.” Finally, Stephanie Kinnear shows the passion for both art (and each other) that married artists Ruth Pastine and Gary Lang share in “A Passionate Art Affair.”

Whether your passions are exotic or mundane, mellow or wild, February in Ventura County is the perfect time to draw them out. During this short month, find time to spend your days with whoever (or whatever) makes your mouth water and your toes tingle. If nothing else, remember that the sea is always waiting for you, steady as a patient lover held in a sunset embrace.


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